Using Google To Track Shifting Media Narratives.

Michael Randazzo
2 min readOct 13, 2022


Yesterday I responded to a war-supporting article that laid the current situation solely at the feet of Putin. People who only recently became aware of Ukraine’s location on a map and now hang their flag out of their windows while we march toward war should be a little more critical. To do that, try a few searches with date filters set before the media fell in love with the idea of going to war (again).

The first response will be to accuse me of being a Russian propagandist. I’m not. I want Ukrainians to thrive and I don’t want war. We should ask if our leaders could act differently to avoid war. It’s sad that the media doesn’t seek to provide a balanced picture of the history of the situation with a critical eye on all players, and it’s a citizen’s responsibility to remain vigilant, and for now, we can just read old news from when the winds blew in a different direction.

Here are a few results before you dust off your Iraqi WMD battle drums and bang them toward Russia.

Ukraine Nazi 2017–2018

Ukraine Neutrality 2017–2018

Nato expansion 2014–2018 (news)

Ukraine Biden 2015–2018 (news)

Ukraine Victoria Nuland 2015–2018

Screenshots below: