Michael Randazzo
2 min readJul 21, 2022


I have a couple of issues with this article. The video you link is not the one that inspires doubt about Mr. Epps’ role. Please ensure this one is discussed when wondering why Mr. Epps have been charged and try to understand why others, who did much less, are still in jail.


Now, I agree, we don’t need to dox or otherwise harass Mr. Epps, but we do need to find out why he is not being charged or held, unlike others who were held without a trial for about a year. If you watch the video, it’s hard to argue that his actions don’t show a little bit of culpability. If the media, including yourself, acknowledged that on several occasions he made calls to ‘go into the capitol’, and it seems that he should be culpable for something.

Certainly, they could’ve decided he didn’t have connections to the Proud Boys or some other unfavored organization, he might have cut a deal, or it might be an oversight, but for most of the media to say “there’s nothing to see here”, when there clearly is something to see only ferments more doubt in the motives of the press.


If you were to compare Mr. Epps actions to those who have been charged and/or held and not find a disparity, I’d be convinced that this is an overblown case. But as it stands, these questions need to be answered to restore trust in the media.

Finally “Don’t worry, Ray, it’s right-wing media that likes to sic their herds of violent viewers on people not properly aligned.” You’d really have to squeeze your eyes shut to say the left is innocent:



This may seem like ‘whataboutism’, but if you hadn’t stated that it’s only the right-wing media engages in this conduct, I wouldn’t ask “what about” all of the left’s calls for harassment.

I’m not in favor of another Trump presidency, but ignoring glaring issues with the Epps case, along with a host of other problems with the media, only builds his ability to call out ‘Fake News’. A better way would be able to show, clearly, why there is no judicial interest in a man who repeatedly called for the crowd to go into the capitol. It just doesn’t make sense.